Tiger Capital – Brand Identity


Tiger Capital – Brand Identity

Tiger Capital manages privately held investment portfolios and provides investor and corporate finance services, for publicly traded companies.

Excited by the work we did for another client, Tiger’s management commissioned MängaDesign to refresh Tiger Capital’s brand identity and create a new stationery system.

We proposed a design solution that strongly differentiated them in the market, by creating their own brand personality and unique voice. Proving there is more to finance than columns of numbers, our design language borrowed from the vernacular of the finance industry, that is rich with iconographic images.

These iconic images do more than identify the nature of their business, they communicate its operating style, focus and values—strength, security, stability—it most admires. By using magnified details of banknotes—the hallmark of the financial iconography, we directly alluded to the company’s attention to details, and subtly imply its ability to deliver magnified business results.