The Eden Contract – Art Catalogue


The Eden Contract – Art Catalogue

Art Gallery of Mississauga is a public, not-for-profit art gallery dedicated to bringing art to the Mississauga community.

The Eden Contract is one of the many exhibition art catalogues that MängaDesign has created and produced for the Art Gallery of Mississauga, in the course of our long partnership.

Featuring the thought-provoking works of the talented artist Stephanie Rayner, The Eden Contract art catalogue, has been an enriching collaborative project. With its tempting tactile experience—a dark rich cover with an inset lithograph and an embossed title—the art catalogue attracts the viewer’s attention and incites to be picked-up and opened.

By using select paper, a dignified layout and exquisite typography, we created an ideal stage for Stephanie Rayner’s spiritually transcendent works to come alive.

We also helped to preserve a unique moment in time, and facilitated the Gallery’s efforts to rekindle the interest of its audience.