Grade A Canada Creative – Branding Concept


Grade A Canada Creative – Branding Concept

‘Grade A’ is an unconventional digital agency, operating from an old chicken farm outside the city. Their people are smart and funny and have this quirky creative process, they call ‘egg storming’.

It works like this: every interesting idea they generate, gets stored in empty egg cartons and is graded for potential using the poultry industry‘s egg scale: from jumbo and extra large, all the way down to small and peewee. When they need wacky or divergent ideas, they just open an egg carton. Smart, simple and efficient.

The agency needed a fresh brand and a new stationery package, with a flexible system, but on a budget, so they turned to our branding studio for help.

Our design solution, used the visual cues of the chicken farm combined with an easy-to-apply system, of stickers and rubber stamps. The simplicity of the system and its casual use keeps the brand personality fresh and dynamic.