Bracco Diagnostics – Brochure Design & Print


Bracco Diagnostics Canada – Brochure Design & Print

A global leader in diagnostic imaging, Bracco Group researches, manufactures and markets, contrast agents and medical devices for all imaging modalities.

Bracco needed to upgrade their sales and marketing materials to help re-energize their sales force, and increase product and brand awareness amongst its audience of doctors, radiologists and other medical professionals.

In our ongoing collaboration, MängaDesign, were asked to help with the brochure design and production of the new collaterals.

Our visual audit revealed Bracco’s old business literature was too utilitarian and lacked emotion. To counter that, we strategically employed a new approach based on the power of visual metaphors. These evocative metaphors not only surprised and engaged radiologists, they also provided an emotional entry point, leading to better memory encoding.

The quality and uniqueness of the communication made the message memorable and trustworthy, which helped to increase brand recognition and recall.