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MängaDesign Office


Twenty-five years ago,
we founded MängaDesign
on a simple premise:
“our work isn’t only
about good design.
It’s about a return
on good design”.
We are still true to that
premise today.


Your seasoned creative partner

We have what it takes
MängaDesign is a rare brand communication boutique, with the ideal balance of smart ideas, sound strategy and skillful delivery. We make big things happen with a small team. We are your intelligent alternative to frustratingly slow and pricey agencies.

Seasoned creatives
We are seasoned creatives: designers, strategists, and brand stewards. Multi-talented and passionate about design, we push ourselves creatively with every project, never forgetting the results we have to deliver to our clients.

We believe in the power of design
We believe in the power of design to transform businesses, and recognize that in a world full of brands and their noise, it takes insight and imagination to stand out and win. Over the years we have built a successful business through dedication and hard work. Our work ethic means that we earn our money every day: second best doesn’t cut it and the clients really do come first.

Working with us is easy. Win-win we say
Clients are experts in their businesses. We are experts in design. We value their talent and knowledge in their fields which has allowed us to create some outstanding work. We believe that working in close partnerships is the key to creative excellence. The better the relationship we have with our clients the better the quality of our work.

Our Clients
Our clients are as diverse as the challenges they face.
They come from both private and public sector, and vary from global to local and from well established to up-and-coming. But there is one thing they all have in common: they challenge us to create outstanding work.

Are we right for you?
The truth is we are not for everyone.
We work best with clients who value their brands, and want to move ahead by turning neuromarketing functional insights, into rich visual messages that help propel their marketing and transform their businesses.

We share your passion to win and would love to be part of your success.
We are eagerly anticipating your challenge.