Who do we think we are?

MängaDesign is a rare brand communications boutique, with the ideal balance of smart ideas, sound strategy and skillful delivery. We are your intelligent alternative to slow and often pricey agencies. more

What makes us different

MängaDesign is the only small design studio using NeuroCommunications for crafting humanly relevant brand messages that spark emotions in business minds and get decision makers to shout yes—more often. more

Why you should hire us

MängaDesign brings you fresh ideas. Transformative ideas with the power to change things. Solve problems. Re-energize employees. Inspire and connect with your audiences and transform your business. more

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  • Annual Report
    Annual Report

    An Annual Report is the trickiest piece of communication to produce. It must speak to many audiences and well express the CEO's message about the company's attitude, confidence and vision. Its story reaches beyond doors that are closed to your company's representatives.

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  • Branding

    In today's overcrowded markets where technology and innovation are short lived advantages, Branding is the only solid foundation on which business leaders can build enduring profitable growth.

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  • Custom Exhibit
    Custom Exhibit

    Trade shows are busy and often chaotic places, so standing out is a big challenge. Skillfully designed, a Custom Exhibit generates traffic and supports your brand by creating a positive and memorable impression.

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  • Packaging

    Packaging is the physical expression of your brand's values and personality. Its role is to provide clear differentiation and sell the product at the point of purchase. A customer's choice is strongly affected by their perception of the brand and its inherent promise.

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  • Direct Marketing
    Direct Marketing

    Creatively executed, Direct Marketing can deliver results that far surpass digital, print or broadcast ads for virtually any kind of business, product or service. These results are measurable, predictable, immediate and cost-effective.

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  • Collateral

    Personal and portable, Print Collateral has powerful advantages bits and pixels still can't match. Collateral is often a key component in the brand strategy and can deliver at a customer's own pace complex information with finesse, detail and sophistication.

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